music for dance

From 1988 – 2000, my primary musical output was music for dance. Canadian choreographer Serge Bennathan and myself collaborated on over 25 works during that period.

Image d’une Traversée (1998)

An orchestral work, commissioned by les Ballets de Monte Carlo, for choreography by Serge Bennathan. This is a MIDI realization, as the recording was not usable.   😦

Remembering / Forgetting (1997)

An orchestral work, commissioned by the Stuttgart Ballet, for choreography by John Alleyne.

Quand les Grand-meres s’envolent (1992 – 2003)

 A work for chamber orchestra, composed for Serge Bennathan’s Dancemakers. Based upon the opening of The Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae by Jan Zelenka (1679-1745) ; a post-modern appropriation/reworking.

Defiant Paths (1998)

A chamber work for violin, viola, harp, vibraphone, and alto. Commissioned by Judith Garay. The dance is about Finnish Immigrants to British Columbia, and the hard times they experienced. Most reviewers didn’t think too much of the sparseness of the whole work.

les yeux fermes (1997)

 A piece for string trio, commissioned by Katherine Labelle Dance, choreography by Serge Bennathan. The solo dancer dances the entire 15 minutes with her eyes closed.

Les Arbres d’Or (1995)

Les Arbres d’or is a one hour composition for flute, saxophone, bass clarinet, recorder, flugelhorn, violin, viola, bass, harp, vibes/marimba, and piano. It was commissioned by the Canada Council for Toronto’s Dancemakers for choreography by Serge Bennathan.

The Canadian Press loved it, the American press hated it.

I have released a CD of the entire work, available through the Canadian Music Centre.

In and Around Kozla Street [Warsaw] (1994)

Probably my most famous piece. Commissioned by Ballet BC, choreography by Serge Bennathan. Performed throughout North America and parts of Asia (including once in Japan in a performance that the crown Prince of Japan attended), remounted several times in Vancouver. Audiences love the work, and so do most reviewers. Michael Scott, the pinhead from the Vancouver Sun, somehow saw a difference piece.

Les Vents Tumultueux (1994)

Commissioned by Dancemakers, this score is for synthesizers and seven instruments. Kind of a fin de siecle piece. Here are four of the eight pieces: