Generative Electronica Statistical Modelling Instrument (GESMI)

GESMI now has a record deal! Check out her first real release.

GESMI is a fully autonomous computationally creative system that generates style-specific electronic dance music based upon a machine-analysed corpus. The corpus consists of 24 Breakbeat and 24 House tracks that have been transcribed by human experts. Aspects of transcription include musical details, timbral descriptions, signal processing, and descriptions of overall musical form. This information is then compiled in a database, and machine-analysed to produce data for generative purposes. GESMI began producing complete breakbeat tracks in March 2013.

GESMI’s tracks on Soundcloud (early tracks appear first; newer tracks lower down).

GESMI has been presented (by loadbang) at xCoAx in Bergamo, Italy, at MuMeWe in Sydney, Australia, and ISMIR in Curitba, Brazil, and ISEA in Vancouver, Canada.