Almost all of my creative work since 2005 has been situated around imagining, coding, and using generative systems. Some of these systems use various aspects of artificial intelligence, including multi-agent systems, machine learning, and genetic algorithms. More recently, my work has focused upon the use of musebots


DreamPrompt (2023)

Using, an AI image generator, to create the still images for video processing in the same system as A Walk to Meryton

Moments for Norm (2022)

a generative performance work for Norman Adams.

A Walk to Meryton (2021-)

A generative system that autonomously creates complete ambient compositions.

Blomster – The Human Garden (2021-)

Generative music, sound, and video (by Angela Ferraiolo) with live movement by Kathryn Ricketts

The New Normal (2021)

audio and video musebots negotiating through an archive; a take-off on Zoom meetings, and a possible future for what artmaking might become.

Coming Together: LUG (2020)

audio and video musebots negotiating through an archive; with Kathryn Rickets and Simon Lysander Overstall

Unauthorized (2019)

musebots collaborating with theatre/dance artist Kathryn Ricketts

tinySounds (2019)

musebots reacting to vocal sounds

Rattlestrap (2018)

musebots making Trap/Future Bass

Imaginary Miles (2018)

musebots modelled after the Miles Davis ensembles of the late 1960s

Ambient Landscapes (2018)

musebots accompanying generative video by Jim Bizzocchi

Indifference Engine (2017- )

musebots listening to and sometimes ignoring an improvising musician

Moments (2016- )

musebots autonomously creating 10 minute moment-form compositions

MachineSongs (2015)

musebots controlling robotic instruments

Various Metacreative systems

Flow My April Joy (2016)

music generation from statistical models

An Unnatural Selection (2014)

generative system using a genetic algorithm to create musical notation for live performance

Generative Electronica Statistical Modelling Instrument (GESMI) (2013-14)

generative electronica; Breakbeat and House music by machine

Indifference Engine (2013-14)

for improvising musician and generative system

Roboterstück (2012)

for 18 armed robotic percussionist

And One More (2012)

for Notomoton, with four percussionists and bass

More Than Four (2012)

for Notomoton, with four mallet instruments and bass

Gradual (2011)

for violin, marimba, and Disklavier

Dead Slow / Look Left (2011)

for string Quartet and percussion

One of the Above

for solo percussion

Coming Together (2010-11)

a series of works modelled upon human improvisation

Other, Previously (2009)

for string quartet

Sahayata (2009)

for Esitar, Edilruba, robotic percussion, and Disklavier

Kinetic Engine systems

Bhatik (2009)

for Notomoton and Curtis Bahn

In Equilibrio (2009)

live generative system and Disklavier

Armar (2009)

for four percussionists

Kinetic Engine (2005-2010)

a multiagent system

Earlier work

fixed media electroacoustic music

a few non-interactive, non-generative works

music for dance

from my former life as a composer for dance companies