The New Normal

A generative video work

A generative work which produces new material each time it is run, commenting on what could be the new normal for artmaking post-COVID.

Musicians have contributed video recordings of themselves playing a chromatic scale; movement artists have contributed sequences of short movement videos; friends have contributed videos of themselves on Zoom.

The system generates a melody, counter melody, and chord progression based upon machine learning of a curated corpus of music.

With each generation, the system selects player’s videos to play the generated parts based upon available notes; a second pass is made to correct problems of doublings and orchestration. Two movement videos, pre-segmented based upon unique movement aspects, are assigned to specific notes. The first section presents “Zoomers”, randomly selected from a database of contributed videos, building a 4×4 video grid.

Video processing increases on the movers during the second section, and their videos expand out of their “Zoom” boxes; performer videos begin to slide toward the centre while their images slowly become “shadows” of their former selves; Zoomers fade to black and white and recede further and further into the blackness.

Arne Eigenfeldt, March 2021