FPA 347


An electroacoustic instrument

  • Mac (OS X ) application Download (jan 18 2018)
  • Win (64bit) application Download (jan 18 2018)
  • Example sounds Download (jan 18 2018)

The Value of Labour

A work for Laptop Ensemble


An electroacoustic instrument/system for basic interaction and playback

  • Mac (OS X ) application Download (mar 06 2018)
  • Win (32bit) application Download (mar 22 2016)
  • Max 7 patches Download (mar 22 2016)
    • Note: requires several of Peter Elsea’s Lobjects. Find them here.

Text-based Laptop Ensemble

text scores by Pauline Oliveros from Anthology of Text Scores

Heart of Tones


Rock Piece

Buffalo Jam

FPA 247

VS-3 Virtual Synthesizer

A virtual synthesizer based upon the venerable analog synths of the 70s, like the Putney, Serge, and Moog

  • Mac OS X application Download (sept 2016)
  • Windows application Download (oct 2016)