publications with students as first author

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Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2017), Atlanta (2017)
Paul Paroczai, Arne Eigenfeldt

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Proceedings of the 14th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Curitiba (2013)
Nicholas Gonzalez Thomas, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt, & James Maxwell

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Sound and Music Computing, Copenhagen (2012)
Miles Thorogood, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt

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Electronic Music Studies Network, New York (2011)
Christopher Anderson, Arne Eigenfeldt

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Electronic Music Studies Network, Shanghai (2010)
James O’Callaghan, Arne Eigenfeldt

“Typological Analysis of Gesture Interaction in Acousmatic Music”
Electronic Music Studies Network, Shanghai (2010)
Adam Basanta, Arne Eigenfeldt

“Beatback: A Real-time Interactive Percussion System for Rhythmic Practise and Exploration”
NIME, Sydney (2010)
Andrew Hawryshkewich, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt

“Hierarchical Sequential Memory for Music: A Cognitive Model”
ISMIR, Kobe (2009)
James Maxwell, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt

“The MusicDB: A Music Database Query System for Recombinance-based Composition in Max/MSP”
ISMIR, Philadelphia (2008)
James Maxwell, Arne Eigenfeldt