“Extending Creativity: Creative Software and Software Creativity”
PDF (of Keynote presentation)
Canadian New Music Network, Vancouver (January 2012)
• explains history of autonomous composition, theories of creativity, and potential applications of AI in creative systems

“Towards a Generative Electronica: A Progress Report”
Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto (August 2011)
eContact 14.4 (March 2013)

“In Search of Tools for the Laptop Ensemble”
Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto (August 2010)
eContact 13.3 (June 11)
• outlines some of the problems of running a laptop ensemble, and some solutions provided by others, and myself.

“Multiagency and Realtime Composition: In Equilibrio”
Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto (August 2009)
eContact 11.4 (December 09)
• explains how my composition for midi piano, In Equilibrio, uses two multiagent systems, and discusses how the result relates to my goal of realtime composition

“Future Intelligence in Live Electroacoustic Music”
EMS 09, Buenos Aires (June 2009)
• outlines how recent advances in Music Information Retrival, Machine Learning, and Evolutionary Computing can be applied to live electroacoustic music

“Intelligent Real-time Composition”
eContact 10.4 (October 2008)
• outlines what I consider to be the differences between composition in performance versus improvisational systems

“Realtime Composition or Computer Improvisation – A Composer’s Search for Intelligent Tools in Interactive Computer Music”
EMS 07, Leicester (June 2007)
• gives an critical history of interactive computer music, and a criticism of constrained randomness as the main compositional control

“The Virtual Primitive Drum: a Multi-agent Real-time System to Create Complex Ensemble Rhythms”
PDF, with examples
Expo 07, Plymouth (June 2007)
• gives a description of Kinetic Engine version 2, with examples

“Encoding Knowledge in Software Performance Tools”
SEAMUS 07, Iowa State University (March 2007)
• discusses some ideas of encoding knowledge, as well as my Fuzzy Logic implementation of timbral choice