ambiguous prophets

A series of “ambient minimal” works using software created in Max/MSP. Beginning with one or more recordings of world music, the software manipulates the material in various ways (including granular synthesis) in realtime.

Originally released on nishi:

“Ambiguous Prophets is a collection of 4 tracks of winding electronic ambience and tumult clearly created by a skilled hand (and ear). Raemus has released a considerable amount of work on several other net labels (kikapu & stasisfield to name two) and this release continues to highlight his unique and wide-ranging sound.”

Reviewed by nova:

amazing soundscapes. subjectively: it reminds me on ligeti’s lux aeterna from odyssey 2001. eternity caught in sonic language, with hints on human vocals and tiny bits and pieces from orchestral works (is that a half second from stravinsky’s the rite of spring?) stretched and granulated into oblivion…

Now available on Spotify