Other, Previously (2009)

for string quartet

The software was given 16 measures of the traditional Javanese ensemble composition Ladrang Wilugeng, which it analyzed to derive musical rules. These rules were used by a genetic operator to create a population of ever- evolving melodies and rhythms that the system reassembled in a multi- agent environment over a rotating harmonic field. The end result is a piece of music that reflects many of the tendencies of the original, without direct quotation. The composerʼs role was limited to dynamic markings, orchestration, and assembling sections. The title comes from the phrase “memories, forgotten”, which was run through Google Translate many times across various unrelated languages.

This is a recording from a subsequent reading, as the concert video was flawed. Performed by the Yaletown String Quartet: Mark Ferris, Cameron Wilson: violins; Henry Lee, viola; Finn Maniche, cello.