MachineSongs (2015)

MachineSongs uses a Disklavier, the ModulatroN, a 35-mallet marimba-playing robot, and the Notomoton, an 18-armed percussion-playing robot, both designed and built by Ajay Kapur’s team at CalArts, all under the control of autonomous musebots. Using a machine analysis of a wide selection of music – including Mozart, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, and 1940’s swing music – the software generates a short composition using what it has learned from the corpus, in terms of melody, harmony, and rhythm. However, the unusual orchestration and performance results in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek realisation.

Four week Installation at Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures SFU 50 Anniversary, Vancouver, Sept. 2015

Musebots with Daryl Janke, guitar; Notomoton, Modulatron, and Disklavier

The premiere of the musebots! At the Musical Metacreation concert at ISEA2015. Daryl and I used to play together back in the early 1980s, when I dreamt of being a jazz bassist…

International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver, August 2015