Gradual (2011)

for Violin, Marimba, and Disklavier

Created using evolutionary algorithms to develop a population of motives, initially generated through probabilities. Each population is a single phrase, and can last from two to over twenty beats. Once a series of generations (up to fifty) were derived, a genetic operator was run to determine the best ordering and repetition of individual populations, while another genetic operator was run to combine divergent populations. The evolution of the individual ideas are clearly heard as they evolve, mutate, and combine to form new individuals.

This uses the same system as “One of the Above”, extended to use pitch material. Three populations were evolved from the same initial population, and presented simultaneously. Harmonic change was governed by a separate algorithm used in my previous work (Other, Previously, and In Equilibrio)

Performed by Mark Ferris (violin) and Daniel Tones (marimba)

Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, December 2011