Blomster: The Human Garden

A collaboration between Kathryn Ricketts, Angela Ferraiolo, musebots, and myself. Conception, English reading, and movement by Kathryn; generative video coding by Angela; music, sound, and video musebots by myself; additional reading in Danish by Paul Henrik Borup-Jørgensen.

Program Note: Blomster is a beautiful word and rolls around in the cavities of speech like a plump gum drop. It is the Danish word for flower and became the core of a choreographic work with Kathryn Ricketts’ Danish dance company 30 years ago on a stage laden with fresh flowers. The intricate patterns of dancers in white, moving through metaphors of garden life: the weeds, the buds and the blossoms, was accompanied by the words of an 85 year old gardener with proud and loving descriptions of tending to his lifelong garden. This work has been transported and reconfigured into the present with Angela Ferraiolo’s brilliant digital and everchanging gardens and Arne Eigenfeldt’s generative soundscapes. We are exploring the timelessness of nature within a digital age and the many human relational metaphors that not only endure but thrive as we move into a future that threatens social austerity.

Below are the videos shown as an installation, with Kathryn’s movements as part of the video. In performance, the generative video is shown and Kathryn dances beside it.