Arne Eigenfeldt ISEA 2019 submission

Moments – Time and Space (2018)

Moments is a musical metacreation that explores Moment-form, a term coined by Stockhausen to describe music that avoids directed narrative curves, and instead exists within stasis. Created by ensembles of musical agents – musebots – that assume musical roles in both the creation and performance of each 10 minute composition, each gener-ated work is unique, mercurial, yet compositional – rather than improvisational – in nature. The work is projected on two walls in a gallery, and a dancer moves in response to the generated sound and visuals

Moments: Time and Space continues the artistic team’s research into musebots. Musebots are independent intelligent musical agents that generate both an overall musical structure, and then create the details within that structure. The musebots are “intelligent”, in that they have learned about their environment, and communicate their intentions and coordinate conditions for collaborative machine composition. This performance of Moments: Time and Space includes a visual musebot created by Simon Overstall, which reimagines the musebot messaging environment as a virtual world. Individual audio musebot’s actions are interpreted visually as separate dynamic visual entities, and the structural conditions are interpreted as virtual landscapes.

Below is a performance involving two dancers – Rob Kitsos and Yves Candau – in a three walled space. We are proposing Moments: Time and Space to be performed in the corner of a white-walled gallery, using only two walls.