Armar (2009)

for four percussionists

i.     Guaguanco
ii.     Guiro
iii.    Mambo
iv.    Mozambique

(Spanish: To Assemble; put together) was composed by Kinetic Engine, a real-time software system created by the composer that uses multi-agents to create complex polyphonic ensemble rhythms. Armar also uses a genetic algorithm to evolve a population of rhythms that are derived from an analysis of source material, in this case, Afro-Cuban music. It then used these rules to generate its initial population. Each “parent” rhythm was then analysed again to generate new rules for subsequent children, all during performance. Each movement was “performed” live in the composer’s studio, and the output was recorded in a music notation program, with only minor editing by the composer.

Performed by Brian Nesselroad, Daniel Tones, Martin Fisk, Timothy van Cleave (percussion)

Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, May 2012