And One More (2012)

for four percussionists, double bass, and Karmetik NotomotoN

And One More is part of an ongoing series of works which explore the notion of composition through negotiation. In these works, a general compositional environment is created, and multi-agents explore this musical space, negotiating their way towards a musical cohesion. In this case, the goal is to arrive at a mutually agreeable rhythmic polyphony, with negotiated parameters of volume, density, onset placement, and variation, with the added interest of the human percussionist acting as one of the agents: the human’s improvised performance is translated into machine terms, and the agents treat him as a silicon performer.

Performed by Brian Nesselroad, Daniel Tones, Martin Fisk, Timothy van Cleave (percussion), David Brown (bass)

Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, May 2012