Ambient Landscapes

video: Jim Bizzocchi; music and soundscape: Arne Eigenfeldt

Ambient Landscapes is a meditation on our natural environment, inviting viewers to savor the passing of time over the course of the year.  The system produces sequences of video joined by slow visual transitions and enriched through their interaction with music and soundscape.  It is a real-time cybernetic collaboration between three generative systems: video sequencing, soundscape, and music. The computational processes run continuously, creating ongoing and varied audio-visual output for a single high-definition video stream with stereo sound.

250 one minute video clips have been hand tagged for valence and arousal values, as well a with descriptive metatags; for example, “ice, drip, water”. These are sent to the music engine, a large ensemble of musebots under the direction of a conductor, that interpret the valence and arousal values within their own generative methods. A soundscape generating musebot will compare the descriptive tags to its own database of soundscape recordings, and attempt to match the arousal values. New ensembles are created for each season.

Each season last approximately 8 minutes, and an entire year lasts about 30 minutes. Below are brief example generations demonstrating the transitions between video clips, the generated music by curated musebot ensemble, and the subtle soundscape (not active all the time).

Example: Spring

Example: Summer

Example: Fall

Example: Winter